• Why Golf For Wellness?

    With growing focus on employee health, corporate wellness programs are increasingly becoming an important part of attracting great talent to our local businesses.


    Wellness involves your pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. One that will maximize your ability to play your best golf now, and reduce your chances of losing ground to burnout, or things like colds, allergies, injuries, illnesses and even a variety of diseases later in your life.


    The sport of golf offers wellness benefits that add value to the sport. The sport reduces participant

    anxiety levels and reinforces coping. For many, the challenge of hitting a golf ball is a positive

    experience that engages them beyond other sports. As a lifetime sport, golf offers social interaction

    and affords participants the opportunity to build social capital through friendships and access to a

    network of likeminded individuals.





    We recognise the key role that Employees and Executives play within corporate South Africa and that their well-being is essential to an organisation's continued success. With limited time for exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation, health problems are often only addressed after they manifest.


    Protecting and improving the health status of your Executives and Senior Team is paramount, which is why OBS Corporate Wellness Programme offers a Comprehensive Health Program. Strategic leadership will positively influence strategic alignment which, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on organizational performance.


    We bring the game of golf right into your company; bringing maximum visibility to your Health and Wellness Programs. We especially attract and teach employees who:

    • have never had the time to learn

    • thought lessons would be too expensive

    • did not want to drive to take lessons

    • did not know how to go about contacting a golf-pro for lessons

    • feel intimidated going to a driving range or golf course


    We manage the Golf Wellness Program for you, adding value to your company wellness program with little effort and no cost to your company. We set up the scheduling of lessons, nets and hitting mats, provide the clubs and everything that is necessary for the program.


    What We Bring To Employees

    - Simple Lessons

    - Proper Golf Equipment

    - Apparel And Accessories

    - Demonstration Days

    - In-house Golf Clinics

    - Additional Learning Opportunities Outside The Corporate Walls